Airport Terminal

muscat, oman
2016 – 2018


render & video by metroarea


The Crew Reporting Building is a private terminal of the Omani flag carrier, built as part of the new Muscat International Airport, to optimize and speed up flight crew operations before departure.

It is characterized by lines and shapes inspired by stealth planes, also in color, black, which represents a real innovation in a country where the law only allows buildings of white or sand color. The facade is characterized by more than 200 blue lamps, the color of the airline.

This is an innovative high-tech building and has the distinction of being the first building you see coming to Oman, leaving the main airport. In the form the building is a large portal, a reinterpretation of the urban portal that the ancient Omani crossed at the beginning and end of the travels, declined in a contemporary key, to become the access door of the sky.

In particular, the CRB is the place where the pre-flight briefing of pilots and hostesses takes place, in a path with very tight and precise procedures. The terminal can also be used by other companies and VIP passengers who do not follow the traditional airport route.

Upstairs there are the general control offices of the airline, and the emergency management rooms, with 120 high-tech workstations.

Developing such a complex and ambitious project has meant an enormous work of analysis and research that Metroarea has carried out in Oman together with specialized Italian consultants. The design and construction were carried out in record time (a full year and a half) and the building was opened in 2018.