office loft

ufficio privato
trieste, italia

foto di marco ravo

Office Loft is a project for the transformation of a nineteenth-century warehouse in the center of Trieste, in an office for an energy startup company.


The idea behind the concept is to recreate an informal laboratory atmosphere,

creating a large open space divided by glass walls that allow visual continuity and can become blackboards on which to write ideas or formulas, floating in the air as free thoughts.



The original structures have been left exposed: the concrete beams, the red brick walls cleaned by plaster and the old original dark wooden stairs, the missing parts ave been repaired and restored.



Moreover, given the customer company scope of work in the energy field, we wanted to make this link evident by decorating the entrance hall with old electrical instruments, such as meters or recovery amperometers.



Consequently, a fundamental theme has been played on lighting. We have recovered old industrial lamps in the Netherlands, to integrate them with historical elements.



The warehouses generally have small windows and this, despite being on the seventh floor, was no exception. We have therefore opened a large skylight in the roof, to flood the work space with natural light.